Beginners lost wax casting| Two day course

Learn to make jewellery by creating your own designs out of wax

Learn the traditional processes of lost wax casting, a fascinating technique for making jewellery by carving your designs out of wax which are then cast into silver or gold.

Wax carving allows you to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with precious metal and also create multiple jewellery pieces using the same mould.

On this beginners lost wax casting course, you’ll be given expert tutor guidance from tutor Louise Seijen Ten Hoorn who will introduce you to the following techniques:

  • Designing for wax casting
  • Preparing a lost wax model which will be cast in silver (max 15g) between 1st and 2nd session
  • Lost wax mould making processes
  • How to cast natural matter into gold or silver
  • How to finish and polish multiple pieces of cast jewellery
  • How to design cast jewellery
  • Information on where to get your wax pieces cast in London and Birmingham

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    Duration: Two days:
    10am to 4pm

    Price: £235 includes one silver cast
    A non-returnable 50% deposit will be required for all courses